Now we have 25 moves to light up 7 pumpkins. Since more than half of the pumpkins are obstructed by Golden Blockers, priority should be given at smashing through those obstacles. Remember that explosions can’t pass over these obstacles so getting rid of them is mandatory.

Also, you shouldn’t concern yourself with the pumpkins in the higher rows. At the very least, until much later. The more gifts you match in the lower rows, the more chain reactions will happen in the top ones. A lot of the times, the pumpkins that you’ve already lit, will go out accidentally. 

The turn count is tight but the objective is perfectly doable. In case of a situation with the moves running out, you can always use the Grappling Hook to put a special gift in the middle of two pumpkins. Then a Minebug can explode it instantly and light up both of them.

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