Now here’s a stage with a brand new objective and a new obstacle from the Evil Bear Bandit.  We have 35 turns to score at least 14 000 points by matching gifts. A few extra points are awarded when we destroy the Iron Gift Blockers, obstacles that cannot be moved, only destroyed when a nearby match is made. 

The early turns may appear a bit hard because of the limitations of movement, but you shouldn’t get discouraged. Spread to all directions by forming small matches of 3 at first and breaking a few obstacles. Then try going for those special gifts that have an awesome blast radius and a high score yield. The special gifts will act in the same way as in any other objective. So a striped gift will spear through any row or column, unwrapping gifts and destroying obstacles in the process. 

This level is basically a free-for-all blast-them-through with the only real limitation being space at the beginning, something which can be rectified with a few explosions. Remember, the obstacles are not the objective. Even if you manage to break all obstacles, then only 1925 points will be awarded, so the plan should be combos. Big, whopping, Gift Panic combos.

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