Now we have 35 moves to unwrap 25 green and 25 blue gifts, along with 5 gift bags of our own design. There are two teleport-connected grids in this stage, with a series of Iron Moving Blockers obstructing gift circulation. In order to have enough room to make our own gift bags, we’ll need to clear away the obstacles. Keep in mind that the mystery gifts in both middles can contain ghosts, so be careful not to unwrap too many of them at the same time.

One helpful strategy could be focusing on unwrapping the blue and green gifts first, and getting rid of those obstacles in the process.  This way, the entire left grid can be more effectively used and the flow to the right manipulated to fit a gift bag combo. 

(Tip: you can always use the Grappling Hook booster to match the final gift in a tricky combination such as an L or a T or a five-in-a-row)

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