We’ve reached the last level of the Sacred Totem Tower and we’re in for another boss fight. In 35 moves, we have to match 35 evil snails in order to defeat the Evil bear Bandit. 

There are 14 evil snails in the grid as the level begins, and they are all trapped inside Devouring Plants. In the very middle of this cornucopia of evil flora, there’s an Evil Totem waiting to eat your turns away. Scattered around the grid are the Snail Emitters where fresh snails will constantly spawn from. 

You cannot count for a quick match with 35 of these spawning buggers so you might as well begin cutting through the Devouring Plants while actively seeking for snail matches. You have to hurry though. E.B.B. will start throwing additional Devouring Plants to random gifts and snails, rooting them in their spot immediately. If you manage to make a special gift, use it right away, even if it means sending a Minebug to trigger it. Devouring Plants are especially attracted to special gifts. 

Once you’ve cleared the level, you’ll be taken to the portal of the next world. There, you’ll have one of three ways to open the portal. Ask a Facebook friend who has gotten this far for a key, spend 9 green gems, or use the stars which you’ve been automatically collecting at the end of each level. Whatever the choice, once it’s made, click on the portal and on through the next world. 

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