Welcome to level 10. Well done, so here’s a brand new booster. The objective is to save 4 snails from each of the following colors: red, orange and yellow, and in the abundance of 30 moves. However there’s some funny business going on with the grid on the right. Gravity works in reverse, meaning it expels the gifts and snails upwards. The one on the left goes by normal gravity of course, and you can tell right away by locating the little hooks at either the bottom or top of the grid. Gifts flow from these hooks. There’s also a big gap in the middle that requires more strategic placing of explosive gifts on the edges.

Thankfully we have the Lucky Shuffler to aid us. Unlike the first booster we received, the Lucky Shuffler has a limited number of charges. You get 3 for starters (plus 1 to use in the tutorial with Tin) and can buy 5 more by purchasing it with gems. 

There are always combinations available; just sometimes, not highly explosive ones. You might get plenty of match-3 gifts and even a special gift from a non-objective color. But quite often, in grids that are split, all the cool gifts are not next to each other. And that’s when you use the Lucky Shuffler. It literally shuffles all gifts except snails, mystery gifts and color gifts. So in stages such as this, where the snails are the target, this new booster is definitely an easy way in completing the objective. 

It can even be used in conjunction with another booster, such as the Time Twister, for even more incredible results. Or that may land you back to where you started, minus that one turn on the Lucky Shuffler! So be smart when to use it, such as in situations where the score yield will be low and the turns spent too many.

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