Welcome to the first level of Gift Panic, starting in the world of the Force Field Tower. Go ahead and follow Tin’s instructions in the tutorial,matching his exact movements with your own. For this level you’ll need to unwrap 10 green and 10 blue gifts in less than 20 moves. The gifts will be unwrapped when at least three of the same color are matched in a straight line, either vertically or horizontally. There are other combinations that yield exploding gift results, but for the time being, let’s master the basics before we launch the rockets.

We can interact with any gift inside the grid, whether it’s inside the narrow pipe or in the square area. If a winning match is possible, then you can slide and switch a gift with any of its adjacent gifts. We can move in every direction, even back and forth inside the pipe, or diagonally across corners. If there aren’t enough blue or green gifts nearby to be matched in smashing combinations, try making space greens and blues and reds are nothing when gift explosions are involved. Tin might also say, that is the point. That’s why he teaches us a couple of key combos. 

The striped gift is unwrapped when you match four gifts of the same color either horizontally or vertically. When matched, double rockets rush through either row by unwrapping the other colored gifts. Even if these gifts don’t score as many points, they’ll need to go. That is usually done three at a time, but with a bit of creativity, four gifts or more of the same color will unwrap special gifts. They in turn can be combined into explosive chain reactions, quickly turning the rest of the gifts into confetti, and any green or blue gift caught in the crossfire counts towards the objective.

Be mindful of how many moves you have left though, especially when attempting these exciting combinations. For this level, it will be best to stick to three at a time and allow the gifts to fall wherever they please. You might be surprised. And hey, you have to save those stars and gems for later, for when you and the Evil Bear Bandit take turns across the gift board and the real Gift Panic begins.

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